Crazy and Bonkers Madness!

Hello Bloglandians!

Although I’m fairly certain that no one actually reads this – but hey ho, it’s good for me to write stuff up.

Next year I’m 40!

40-fireworks1 I don’t feel 40, I think it means something different to what it did in my parents time.

But still it’s a milestone, so it should have a marker!

Nixie’s Insanely Ridonculous Year!

So what’s going on?

This year I raced on the day of the London Marathon. For some mad reason, my Dad and my Uncle thought I was running the Marathon (As if!!!) Except Dad said he’d be so proud of me if I did it.
Well hey, no problem. I’ll put in for the ballot – no one ever gets in the ballot!

Oh famous last words!

But I wasn’t expecting that… So I’d booked my “Crazy before 40” thing.

I’d already signed up for the OUTLAW HALF! Yes a half Ironman!
That’s 1900m swim, 56mile bike and a 13.1
NUTSO!  Mostly because of the cutoffs – there’s 8 hours to complete that. I know I can do the swim, heck I can do the bike and run distances… but within the cutoffs? Yikes! Well, we’ll see.

But look, I’m in the London Marathon. I’ll have a marathon in my legs, so….

3800m of swimming, 112mile bike ride and a whole 26.2 mile marathon!
What? OhmyGodOhmyGodOhmyGodWHATHAVEIDONE!!

2hours 10 to get through the swim: I can do that.
a total of 10 hours to get through the swim and the bike… Ummm?
Then 7 hours to smash out that Marathon – I reckon I can do that if I can get there before the bike cutoff. (She says having never done a marathon or even close to it before)

But wait, there’s more!
I deferred TOUGH MUDDER this year! So that’s in for next year. I mean that’s only 11 miles of obstacle course – one of the hardest out there. Made harder as I’ll be all cardio and no strength, those monkey bars will be funny, I’ll be expecting to take a few early baths LOL

If you buy now we’ll also throw in….

My buddies all did this last year, and I was gutted. I could have done it. I’d have managed. So I’m flipping well doing it next year.

And that leads me all the way up to my birthday month!

So my year is nuts, ridonculous, a crazy year!

I’ve got a great support crew, an amazing set of training buddies and a wonderfully supportive husband (who’s always there for me even when I have my dark moments and what to jack it all in)

Now I’ve just got to get out there and get it done 😉