It never goes according to plan

It wouldn’t be me if isickt was smooth sailing now would it?

Hands up if you’ve been sick for like TWO MONTHS SOLID!!

Additionally some muppet drove in to (husband’s pride an joy) our car! Oh the joys of dealing with insurance. Especially when the moron who drove straight out of a layby in to the side of us decided it wasn’t his fault and wouldn’t give his details. Highway code much?
Looks like the guys doing the repair have put a top coat of varnish over spotty paint work and white polish (car’s black. It’s pretty obvious) new stress level 😦

And for me the biggy is that husband took advantage of my migraine meds a few months back. I don’t know if you take the migraine tablets, they take the disco lights and cracking headache and nausea, and turn it in to… Ohhh look at the pretty lights, la la la la, Ohhh look a lovely toaster! But hey it doesn’t hurt anymore and you don’t spend your day crying at bright lights and hiding under the duvet.
So as I was saying, he took advantage of my err “ditzzy” state and got me to agree to go look at a house. He loves houses. He was an architect in his younger days. I Hate looking at houses. So we looked at this house. And then we looked at another one, and another one, the flood gates were open and three offers later it looks like we’re MOVING!

I did happen to mention that it’s a huge year for me and that maybe, just maybe we should, perhaps, you know, wait until I’ve done at least the middle distance Tri?  But nope. Now we’re in the midst of paperwork and legalease and stressing about the chain and… yeah no one in their right mind would attempt this in a year when they had soooo much booked!


Soooo 63 days to go and I’ve done 9 miles. 9 muddy miles. With a rescue pickup as I had a tweaky calf. ARRGHHHHH so I’ve had some vile virus, the flu (to the point I’ve had more time off this month than I have in the last 5 years!) and I’m on the road to recovery, but I’ve not been running or swimming and nooo bike.

I ran 3miles this week! whooop! And I decided that I best make sure I can still swim the 70.3 distance.  outlaw

The run wasn’t pretty, and it was hella slow, but a step in the right direction. The swim though, took it easy, smashed out 1.2miles in just over 40mins finished up nice and fresh 🙂 WHOOOHOOO!

BUT! There’s always a but…

With 2 months missed from training, I’m starting to wonder if the outlaw full is a step too far.
Do I pull out now whlist there’s still some refund? Or do I ask them to hold it over for next year. Or is it possible to do this thing? (Over weight, middle aged, hormonal wreck woman LOL)

Right, I gotta get out there and run. The over weight bit I can do something about and those miles wont do themselves.

And I may, may, okay, I did! I signed up for the Dopey challenge next year!
More on that to follow!


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