Swindon Half Marathon

12000805_455926704587004_508023916211858970_oSwindon half marathon done! 🙂

There were good things and bad things about this race.

It’s the first time that SEQOL had organised it. They stepped in and took over when the British Heart Foundation pulled out. There was a period of time that we thought there would be no half marathon in Swindon. But as I say SEQOL stepped in, they got some additional corporate sponsors and it was back on. With a little help from our local Run shop, the council, the local paper, the local bus company etc.

The marketing was definitely better, there was a really good facebook campaign and they were in the local press. 11990524_1637115199862082_2345781613788070109_n(although in the week before several people had said “oh I thought that was cancelled!” BHF have a bit to answer for) They had Monty the Monkey visit the local stores and the local schools getting the kids involved, which is great!

This is Monty in Run Swindon 🙂

Well training went pretty well. I’d done 12 miles and the week before I’d done a cheeky eight. So on plan 🙂

Met up with some of the SwimPodium crew at the start and some old work colleagues. RunCoach was running and we saw him warming up (only really serious people do running warm ups for half marathons LOL)

Was great to see the race village, first time there’s been one of them in Swindon and the had activities for the kids which was fabulous. Monty here ran the fun run in a baby carrier on someone’s back. And it sounds like the 5 mile multi terrain run was very well attended and great fun.

We started off on the half marathon, taking a while to get over the start line, chatting with the wife of an old work colleague. It was her first half and she was really excited. Running possibly a little too fast it was feeling easy and flowing at the beginning.

Husband was running this one with me as he’s training for the Marathon and as we hit the 2.5mile water station, he grabbed me a water and I lost it!

No idea what happened, I tensed up, I got stressed and I had to fight to make myself keep moving. From then on it became one of those runs where every step is a fight to keep going. Each foot in front of the other was a struggle that needed to be conquered.

Swindon is a really tough course, this is the elevation from my garmin.swindonHalf

We got up the first set of hills and I thought “Oh, this isn’t as bad as I remember it” except that wasn’t “it”. Turns out “it” went on for several more miles.

Anyway, we pushed on, and although I did have some tears, because I knew I could do better – and I had to stretch a naughty hamstring at 10miles we finished!

We finished behind 2 half marathon virgins. I finished 4 minutes slower than last year (I’m blaming the weight) and exhausted. But I finished. I finished faster than Staffordshire and I’m not injured!

I think my core must be stronger than last year, I distinctly remember how much my back hurt last year, this year it was my feet but I think that could be attributed to my attitude and the fight with the run (whoops)

2:25:48 That 2 hour half marathon looks pretty far off from here, but it’s another one in the bank!

RunCoach won! Which was FANTASTIC! He last one it in 2007 so he was very pleased. And it’s great to know that someone with that much talent is coaching us

We can build from here. Winter training coming up – with added yoga and weights!


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