Fresh Start

Hello T’internet!

What a year! I told you I had a new job, let just say it wasn’t just challenging – it wasn’t me. It wasn’t something I wanted to do or enjoyed but I’m a soppy cow and you do the job that needs doing in front of you. Well six months was enough for me to know it wasn’t right.

Not only did it make work miserable, but it’s really put a shadow over my training. (Let’s get the down in the dumps bit over first.)

I ran my slowest half marathon ever at my half iron relay. I was only doing the run, yes there was a whole load of stress beforehand. And I wasn’t sure I’d make the hand over due to logistics. I think I got some sun stroke, I didn’t notice the heat or that I was burning to a crisp. I walked so much – anyway it really hit my confidence.
Also I pulled out of the Cotswold Classic. I just didn’t have the belief in me.
I pulled out of at least 2 sportives.
This means I have a season where I’ve run 2 triathlons all year!
And I’ve put on about a stone in weight. Oh yes I’ve had what we’ll call a foggy year.

I mean there were some good points, I ran a 10kPB at the Chocolate run 🙂 We know I’m not fast so 1hr and 35 seconds was fab .
ITUAnd I ran the ITU London, my first Olympic distance. After dithering at the start line I went out and smashed it 🙂

Discovered you can throw up in the swim and not miss an arm stroke and I needed the bathroom from about 400 meters in to the swim, I can’t pee in my wetsuit, I just can’t. Apparently I can’t pee on the bike either – I was BUSTING. They don’t have portaloo’s on the run course so I got a fab time cos I just had to find somewhere to stop and pee LOL I think I asked every marshal “where’s the nearest loo???” no loos never mind. It was a great race!

I did a 5 mile run race in a time I never thought I’d manage all up hill too. However my big achievements were early season. Best not ask about the second part of my season 😦

So what we need here is: fresh-start-exit-sign

The 23rd is the last day at the job I don’t like. The 26th is a new start. a new job, new company – with a role where I can do some good 🙂 and hopefully I’ll pick up training wise. Heck I’m already picking up! it’s like the light at the end of the tunnel. 🙂

MadSwimCoach wants me to race the 3.8 mile swim next year. And I’ve got Disney half to think about.

This year will be all about fun! More triathlon, more short distance, but more challenges too. I think we’re running Reading Half. And I have unfinished business with that half iron distance, so between you and me I’m gonna sign up for that. Shhhhh, don’t tell 😉

This year we did less races because people said we over did it last year. I’ve not enjoyed it. I want to go back to having fun 🙂 I mean, why do we do this if it’s not fun?

So my current mission is to find a “fun” marathon. See, Husband is training for Bristol to Bath marathon – and as much as he doesn’t like those long runs – I think I could do it 🙂

RunCoach says see how I feel after Sunday… did I mention that on Sunday I’m running Swindon Half? This was my first half last year, but I know I’m slower, finishing without injury is the goal. Although I’d love to beat last year 🙂 Anyway, see how I feel after Sunday because I’m half way there. It makes me think about running Manchester marathon. But I’ll let you know after the half LOL

So blog readers, a fresh start, a new job, more fun training, hoping for a fab winter build up and an awesome season to come 🙂


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