2015 – and yeah I’m a cruddy blogger :)

Good evening t’internet.

I realise I’ve not blogged in forever, but I’ve been really down in the dumps about racing.

How can anyone be down in the dumps about racing? Let me explain….

Last year Husband decided he’d race the Staffordshire half ironman. Wow thinks I, wonder if I could do something so phenomenal! And you know how it goes, you sit in front of your computer, you forget distances, training hours and what it means and your fingers do the walking and before you know it you’ve signed up for a distance you’ve never done before and never thought you could!



Did I sign up for Staffs? Did I have another £300+ pounds???

No, I couldn’t afford another branded race.

However I have signed up for the ITU Olympic distance in London at the end of this month, that’s freaking me out. I’m gonna be in the bottom 10 looking at last years results (That’ll be ironic,win my age group last year and come last overall this year!)

And then I signed up for a 70.3. Yes, Yes I did. That’s August freaking me out as well. I’ll be doing the Cotswold Classic. I was okay thinking I’d have 8.5 hours like a half Ironman. So I make it around a 40 min swim, 5min transition, 4hour bike, 5 mins transition and my best BEST half marathon time is 2hrs 16. (Oh hell yeah, Silverstone this year!) so probably 2:30 – 2:40? So Just over Seven and a half hours?? Okay thinks I… OMG! they have a 7.5 hours cutoff.

It’s gonna be close! I might make it, I might not. I need, NEED to get my bike sorted. So shy of bike miles. If I can bring that up I’ll be okay. Right now I’m probably gonna miss it.

So to start with this was really upsetting me. Not that I couldn’t do my best, but that I would be last.

Not last on the results sheets, but last on the track.
Now at the ITU that wont happen as I’m in the second wave to go. Husband is in a wave 50 mins later. My task is to make sure I cross the line before him. 🙂

Cotswold Classic… it might happen. But hopefully I can say I’ve completed a half Ironman – how many people can say that??

And just to keep me going I’ve got another half marathon before the Classic. As part of a half Iron Relay team. I’ve got the run leg, so I have to keep it under the time. Talk about pressure! we all want that medal.

All this is a lot of pressure. And it’s made me worry and dither about racing this year. I’m loving training, but the thought of racing scares me. So I’m not having any fun. It took me a while to realise that’s why I was down. (and I’ve got a new job which is “challenging”)

Next year I’m already planning FUN races. I want to do races I enjoy, I want to run races I enjoy, I want to go out there and attack those races I love!
And some just for Sh*ts and giggles as one of the lads at work says. Getting excited already – EuroDisney Half Marathon SO has my name on it 🙂 Can’t wait. I’ve got next years race calendar filled out already! Just got to get through this year first. It’ll be an amazing base to jump off from….. Even if I come last!


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