Will you forgive me?

Hello, my name’s Nixie and I’m a bad blogger!

It’s been nearly 2 months since I last posted, what can I tell you.

Lets start with the bad, I sprained my hamstring. Off running again for a little while.

And the good…

Husband did an amazing Time Trial on his bike.

I did the Good Friday Tri at Radley 🙂 Husband attempted to, but had his first ever DNF! Poor bloke!

So the swim training’s coming on a good pace, I got told this morning that I’m a “Future Superstar!” I will take that thank you very much 🙂
Got asked to do a time trial over 400m I may have been allowed my cheaty fins, but I wasnt completely done in at the finish…. 6mins 55 🙂 That’ll do Nix, that’ll do!

Running – well I made a slow 6 miles on Sunday, that was okay – however I forgot my running sock obsession and tried a pair that I wasnt 100% keen on. I got two blisters! The one round the top of my toe made me stop and check that I wasn’t leaking all over the inside of my trainers.

Bike – well we joined the local bike club for a ride last week. Got on the slowest group and managed to hang on in there for the whole ride. 40km in 1hr41. Better than my previous best of 2hr05. by some way 🙂

So let me tell you about the hamstring, I made a school boy error. I woke up on a morning when we had RunCoach with a headache… so like a muppet I took ibuprofen. We did sprint intervals and I knew the hamstring was tight. I didn’t know that later that day I’d be fit to kill anyone who even thought about touching it. Ahh well, all sorted now.

DbMax Kinetic One Castle Combe 10ml TT 6.4.2014

Husband at the TT

Husband did a time trial on a his snazzy new TT bike. Looking good there Husband 🙂

He showed up some of our friends who thought they were “all that”

First outing on the bike, he’s got one of those ADAMO saddles too, you can see it out the back here.

Anyway we both entered into the Good Friday TryTri. Mostly as a way for me to build some confidence.  I had a run moment and decided I’d never make it. A lot of the girls I swim with have a


Good Friday Tri

faster 5k than I do. 5minutes faster. Yes I know they’ve been doing this for ages, they run marathons. I’m a newbie. I get it. But in my head I want to be Jodie Stimpson! Anyway, you’ll have to forgive me for entering the Novice event. 200m swim 11km bike and 3km run. The race official stuffed up my race. No calf guards in the pool… I ALWAYS wear my calf guards. The swim was good but I was cautious round the pool edge adding unnecessary time.

Then I was told I needed a jacket as one of last years competitors had hypothermia after the race. That was transition stuffed.

The bike leg needed a lot of work, however I beat the lovely lady from work. And the run, I got 16mins for 3k. Which is good for me 🙂

Husband got a puncture on the bike leg I was worried about him but he was okay.

So bike all fixed now (darn tubular tyres.) and I’m looking at entering the Garmin Super Sprint at Eton Dorny. Well that rather depends on whether I can get in the lake and make a non panic attack swim before then!



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