Topgun and no run

Have you ever watched Top Gun? You know with Tom Cruise and the fighter planes and highway to the dangerzone… Top Gun Brilliant film 🙂 good mix of blokey and chick flick 🙂

Anyhoo, there’s a scene in this film when one of the characters says to another, “Your mouth’s writing cheques your body can’t cash” Ohhhh that’s so me.

Do I need a new one? EUEW!

Do I need a new one? EUEW!

It’s been rattling around in my head quite a bit lately.

well today I knew when I woke up that I wasn’t racing today, despite all my talk of “I can do it”, I can’t. I’ve trashed a pillow case and will be lucky not to be pillow shopping. It’s all an interesting shade of pink or red Gross!

The tooth socket is throbbing and I’m feeling very sorry for myself. I can’t imaging walking too far today let alone running, it would be soooo jaring. Husband’s been out on  a 10k training run instead. He did super well, it’s probably the first time that he’s been out and done that without me since before we got together so that’s aaaaaaages.

So in short despite all my big talk I’m feeling like a bit of a failure. This is my third DNS this year. I can’t even remember why we didn’t run the mad March hare 5k back in March. You know about the Cycletta that was too dangerous to compete. And now this 10k. So again I’m feeling very sorry for myself <- feeling blue, geddit?

Okay so, this triathlon business is all about POSITIVE MENTAL ATTITUDE!

So the plan is to change my thinking! Isn’t it a good job that I’ve had my tooth out now, so that it doesn’t affect my run up to Silverstone half or my training for triathlon or the triathlons in the summer. Isn’t it good that this is only a small race that wasn’t something I really had my heart set on and by the time I’m all fixed up it’ll be awesome and I shouldn’t be hurting for Christmas!
Just so long as I haven’t done the Top Gun thing with my race calender this year. I’ve not signed up for that olympic distance yet! I just wanna get on with it!


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