And I don’t mean a Lady GaGa fan LOL

Monster Medals

Monster Medals

This morning we picked up SportySingleBloke and headed out to the monster race.

The monster is an obstacle race over a country park trail run through bogs, mud crawls huge walls and A-Frames.

Watching the weather closely we did the warm up, getting in some early mud with some warmup burpee’s 😀

it was a bit cold but not raining, however it had rained the night previous and the ground was heavy and slippy.

we did started mid pack and were soon running out to the countryside, one competitor deciding to get muddy early by taking a two footed jump into a puddle splashing all of us, causing much giggling.

we clambered over some hay bales, the boys jumping up and over like a steeple jump hurdle, I had to get my knee on it and scoot off the other side, just as affective, just a tad slower – Still better than a lot of the girls.

off again and confronted by a wall. This was a bit of a worry, but SportSingleBloke practically lept up the wall and sat on top to help me up and Husband pushed from below, although I didn’t need too much help, I got up not too bad.

Then it was the one that we were all worried about, the monster marsh! It was a route through some FREEZING water, the water reeds had been cut back to provide a path for us. It went from just ankle deep to something I couldnt stand in. Launch forward and swim! I’d have been out faster if it wasnt for the chap in front of me doing the blumin breast stroke. The water was so cold and I was glad to get to the other side of the pond to haul my self out on the ropes – feeling very glad we’d chosen to go on the first wave as the bank was already very slippy (there was a photographer here, I’m hoping that I’ve got a pic of that)

Muddy but finished

Muddy but finished

Now sopping wet we headed out again, luckily each of us had a technical base layer on, which protected us from the worst of the cold. SportySingleBloke wringing out his over T-shirt.

We had to go through a mud crawl under some beams, it was really clay type mud, I couldn’t resist grabbing a handful of the sticky mud and slapping it all down SportySingleBloke’s torso! Me? I’m a innocent little lass me, I’d never do such a thing.

Anyway, off to a log carry and through the woods and through some cross beams, then sliding through the woods again more cross beams.
Over an A-frame I couldn’t reach the top of, luckily I had the lads for support again. There may be a picture of that too. Hope so!

Another wall, an inverted angle climb, another a-frame. A seriously muddy barbed wire crawl! I couldn’t help grabbing Husband round the face and leaving some nice hand prints LOL So Husband put some serious mud on SportySingleBlokes face and then slapped my butt so I had a handprint!

We’re all so muddy by this point I’m not sure how we’ll have the the grip to do the next obstacles. It’s a sandbag carry so Husband loads me up and its a lap around some trees. Slam the bag down and up and over a stack of hay bales. Down the other side, through another mud crawl under barbed wire – plastered in mud.

Last obstacle is a HUGE A-Frame. The ropes are so slick you can’t grip them SportySingleBloke got to the top and grabbed my wrist, helping to haul me up. My feet were slipping and Husband was pushing my backside.

Sat on the top I swung myself down and tried to lower myself, but the mud wouldn’t let me. I slipped down and caught both knees on the ridge you were supposed to land on.My left knee looks like a burgundy and purple golf ball! Luckily it doesn’t hurt. Feels more like a graze.

So the three of us sprinted to the line, holding hands as a three 🙂
Husband and I had a time of 50:07 and SportySingleBloke somehow got a time of 50:05 even though we crossed the line together.

The poor folks having to take off the timing tags! All trainers caked in mud!

We stopped in the carpark to have a little BBQ from the back of the pickup truck (we have a little gas grill) so grilled chicken rolls and sausages to warm us up, as well as a nice hot chocolate 🙂 mmmmmm

We had to strip off in the carpark and I have a box full of mud caked gear! Next job, bath.
The more mud that comes off the more bruises I can see. The knees are an obvious one, my right hand along the fingers, that’s nicely purple. We’ll see what else when I’m clean.

Right I’m going to soak off this mud – It’s in my bellybutton!!!! My hair is plastered! I can’t see the skin on my legs!  Please don’t look at my nails LOL


One response to “I am a MONSTER!

  1. 97th out of 343. Pretty happy with that. I didn’t think we’d done anywhere near that well – there were some very serious people out there 🙂

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