Fitness test

Today we met up with RunTrainer.

For our first session he wanted to put us through a fitness test.

First off Husband went in the morning and I had a slot in the evening.

Husband came home with stories of flex tests and VO2 Max calculations.
ARRRRGHHHH I have no flexibility in my trunk, I’m not as fit as Husband and I’m not as strong as Husband… Or am I?

IMG_0528So I went along, feeling a little coldy. But dutifully did my pushups, and my situps (Did the max of them) the wall sit 61 seconds of agony! only 4 less than Husband.
Proved I had no flexibility in my lower back only thing I came out “poor” on.Back strength however I did the maximum amount, shocked to find Husband did less than 40seconds.
IT bands not too tight (doesn’t feel that way) Did three mins of stepups, RunTrainer says you can feel my heart rate drop after 30 seconds of rest. So that came out good.
Did some shoulder stretching which I was expecting to beat husband at, to be fair though, he has had his shoulder rebuilt.

Anyway a miriad of tests culminating in a VO2 max test. A mile round the block at an even pace. 9:51 for a mile at steady pace – Good Grief I need that run coaching! I’d already proved I was fit but the run killed me off. Hear rate banging at 174BMP.

The VO2 came out at an estimate of 41. Just three points off excellent… Who’d have thunk it, little ole me! This training lark must be doing something ๐Ÿ™‚

I might just ache tomorrow, swimming might be interesting ๐Ÿ˜‰


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