Not always what you expect

Today we’ve hit the pool early, me and Husband should have been at tri swim this evening but we’ve gotta see a man about a run. Run coach that is 🙂

So we’ve been out to the pool this morning.
I can’t wait for Husband to see me in the swim coaching sessions, I think I’m stronger than he realises. I know he’s reading this – so Husband, I can do this, I’m Awesome!
Our session this morning was tame 🙂 Need to hammer it out 🙂 I hope he’s in my session.


Anyhoo – the running picture. This is because we have the run coach come see us about some PT today.

He’s been round and assessed our fitness. My waist to hip ratio is good. My resting heart rate is 48 (I think his machine is broken) and my blood pressure is a little bit high.
I’m in a healthy BMI, but I knew that. 😉
What’s bothered me is my fitness age is EIGHT years older than my real age. What? I’m not good but I run triathlon! I might be 36, but I’m a uk size 10 (That’s an American 6!)
Meh! okay maybe it bothers me more that Husband is 9 years younger than his real age! Well that’s just not fair!

Anyway, classified as fit for action and we’ll see him once a fortnight.
So much for, hey I’ve got trainers, I own a bike I just need a wet suit! With all the shiny things you Need to get for triathlon and the training sessions – it’s getting blumin expensive!

If I want to get better I need the coaching. He seems like a nice bloke, let’s give it a whirl See where we are run wise and swim wise in six months.


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